About Me

I am passionate about Thanet and its people. I believe that Thanet  has an exciting future and that it is on the road to becoming a very successful area where more and more people will choose work, live and visit.
One important ingredient to  make Thanet successful is having a good Council to promote the area and provide high quality services. Sadly,  Thanet Council has a long record of mismanagement including the secret TransEuropa Ferries debt deferral deal which cost taxpayers £3.4 million, the Ramsgate Pleasurama development which has blighted our seafront for over a decade, the  unnecessary destruction of the Little Oasis Skate park  which was built by  young people, the delays and disorganisation surrounding the Margate Dreamland project.
I was the  only councillor to have consistently spoken out against the incompetence and secrecy of Thanet Council and to have exposed the unacceptable behaviour of political bosses running the council. But it doesn’t have to be like this! I believe that politics should be honest, open and transparent  and that Thanet Council should be transformed into organisation which listens to and trusts local people instead of the arrogant “we know best” attitude adopted by far too many councillors.
I believe in treating everyone respectfully and fairly. I hate injustice and bigotry.
I also believe that everyone has a right to a decent home, a job which pays a living wage, excellent public services and a sustainable environment to live in.
I have been trying to make a difference most off my life. I was a trade union official, a councillor in Peckham and I used to manage the Thanet Citizens Advice Bureau. I have also campaigned on many issues like ending live animal exports from the port of Ramsgate and opposing fracking in Kent.
I am a family man with three daughters. I love music. I’m learning to DJ  play the guitar and enjoy beer and curry.
Thanet desperately needs change in 2015. The Green Party will bring that change.

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